Region II meeting

At the May 9th Region II meeting we will be electing the Region II Director and Region II Assistant Director.

INFORMATION ON REGIONAL DIRECTOR AND ASSISTANT REGIONAL DIRECTOR FOLLOWS with some information on the duties of each position. If you are interested, please contact Neale Steiniger at

Description: The Region is a geographical division of New York State Women, Inc. that includes one or more Local Chapters.

Purpose of the Region

1. The Region serves the purpose of
a. Being a conduit of information from the State organization to the Local Chapters/members, and from the Local Chapters to the State organization;
b. Providing the members of each Region with a vote on the Board of Directors of New York State Women, Inc. through the election of a Region Director

2. The Region Director attends the State Board meeting(s) and has a vote on the Board; in the absence of the Region Director the Assistant Region Director votes in the place of the Region Director. The Region Director notifies the State Executive of the concerns and needs of the Local Chapters and members of the Region. After the statewide meetings, the Region Director disseminates to the Local Chapters and members of the Region the information from the State Board of Directors meetings/Annual Conference.

3. Each Region shall hold a minimum of one meeting per year. A representative of the NYSW, Inc. Executive Committee shall be available to attend the Region Meeting at the request of the Region Director, to bring information from the State organization.

Election of the Director and Assistant Director

1. Each Region is to elect from its membership one Region Director, and one Assistant Director. They shall serve for a one-year term, with a maximum of two consecutive terms.

a. The Region Director shall be a member of the board of directors of the state organization:
b. Region Director and Assistant Region Director shall assume office at the close of the annual conference and shall serve until the close of the following annual conference and (or) until their successor assumes office

c. The incoming Region Director and Assistant Region Director shall have the privilege of attending the pre-conference board meeting without a vote

1. Region Directors and Assistant Region Directors’ elections shall be by ballot at a spring Region Meeting prior to the annual conference of the state organization. A plurality of all votes cast shall constitute an election

Duties of the Region Director

a. Act as liaison officer between the local chapter and the state organization;

b. Serve as a member of the state board of directors;

Duties of the Assistant Region Director

a. Assist the Region Director in every way possible;

b. Serve as the representative of the Region Director when requested to do so;
Assume the position of Region Director with voting rights at state board meetings when the Region Director is unable to attend.