State and region information

This page is intended to provide information about our State and Region organization and how it relates to our Chapter. If you have any questions about this information, please contact Elaine Croteau at

<strong>Region II Fall Meeting</strong>

The Staten Island Chapter hosted the Region II meeting, held on October 22 which was a big success. Twenty-nine people attended the luncheon and show. We held our meeting after the show. The meeting was called to order by Region Director, Joann Olbrich. Sadly it was announced that the Bay Ridge Brooklyn chapter is dissolving. Region II will consist of two Chapters – Staten Island and Richmond County. The next meeting will be on May 2019 and hosted by Richmond County. If you are interested in becoming an officer of the Region, please contact Christine Donahue who is on the Nominating Committee. Elections will take place at the Spring meeting.

<strong>New York State Women, Inc.</strong>

Following is our Legislative Platform. Please review and make suggestions on how we can incorporate into our Chapter or Region meetings.


Legislative Platform</strong>

▪ The New York State Women, Inc. pledge their support of specific legislation and policy that addresses civil rights, health and economic opportunity for all women.

▪ Establish a pro-active position by identifying and supporting issues selected by members of New York State Women, Inc. Notify candidates of these issues that we feel will advance our New York State Legislative Platform.

<strong>Civil Rights</strong>

▪ Work to enforce and ratify the Equal Rights Amendment at the State and Federal Level.
▪ Support domestic violence education and training programs that develop protocols for the protection of victims and their families and support strong penalties for abusers.


▪ Actively support reproductive choice and full access to health care services; ensure funding for research and developments of programs which benefit the well-being of women of all ages.

<strong>Economic Equity</strong>

▪ Work for and support legislation that promotes economic equity and financial security, including pension reform, retirement benefits, pay equity and credit accessibility.