Latest in poetry

By Ann Clinton

Spring Palette

Have you had a chance to go for a ride with no real destination on a sunny spring day?

What do you notice first?
Is it the trees in various shades of green with brand new leaves or
trees that are not green leafed but
are beautiful fruit trees flowering
in shades of pink, white and coral.

Some, depending on their type,
will have branches that grow up toward the sun,
and some have branches that will drape gracefully in an almost shy, bashful manner.

Roll down your window, the ride is not only a visual gift; it is also a gift for another sense. If your travels take you near lilacs, you will Be treated to their subtle fragrance – lilacs – leafy, lacy and luxurious!

And you may see some yellow daffodils and red tulips.

What a magnificent palette of colors offered by a spring adventure.