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By Ann Clinton

Spring Palette

Have you had a chance to go for a ride with no real destination on a sunny spring day?

What do you notice first?
Is it the trees in various shades of green with brand new leaves or
trees that are not green leafed but
are beautiful fruit trees flowering
in shades of pink, white and coral.

Some, depending on their type,
will have branches that grow up toward the sun,
and some have branches that will drape gracefully in an almost shy, bashful manner.

Roll down your window, the ride is not only a visual gift; it is also a gift for another sense. If your travels take you near lilacs, you will Be treated to their subtle fragrance – lilacs – leafy, lacy and luxurious!

And you may see some yellow daffodils and red tulips.

What a magnificent palette of colors offered by a spring adventure.

Latest in poetry

Poem submitted by Ann Clinton

This month I thought this Poem by William Wordsworth Would be appropriate


I wandered lonely as a cloud
That floats on high o’er vales and hills,
When all at once I saw a crowd,
A host, of golden daffodils.
I gazed – and gazed – but little thought
What wealth the show to me had brought
For oft, when on my couch I lie
In vacant or in pensive mood,
They flash upon that inward eye
Which is the bliss of solitude,
And then my heart with pleasure fills,
And dances with the daffodils.

Latest in poetry

Moment in time
By Ann Clinton

It would be only a moment in time

For wondrous possibilities to shine

The very air shivered with delight

Foretelling a star-filled magical night

What would the evening reveal?

What could the weather conceal?

A vast vista; a spacious sight

Hope and excitement a cherished rite

Off in the distance a red dot and sled

Smiling faces now off to bed!

Latest in poetry: Bits and pieces

By Ann Clinton

Walking on a sandy beach eating a peach ice cream cone

Enjoying sunny days, blue skies and warm breezes

Listening to birds chirping as they go about morning chores

Watching children riding on the swings in the park

Reading a good book by sunlight

Having a great conversation with a good friend

Waiting with presents ready for the holiday season to begin

Spending an afternoon walking through an art museum

Dining with family at a fine restaurant

Riding the Staten Island ferry for an adventure in the city

Baking chocolate chip cookies

Relaxing in an easy chair watching a good TV program

Sitting in a warm home as snowflakes cover the ground

Trying on an old dress and finding it still fits

Visiting with grandchildren and listening to their hopes and plans

Sharing special events with family and friends

Planning a special vacation

Latest in poetry

By Ann M. Clinton

Daylight filtered through the dawning

On a quiet, cool autumn morning

Creating an image – a bridge of sunlight

Across the nearby water sight

The Narrows deep and still

Reflect the gift of nature’s will

The shimmering image lasted not long

As day blossomed and sunlight grew strong

Latest in poetry: The tree outside my window

By Ann M. Clinton

Outside my window for all to see
Is a very tall, sprawling tree
Instead of a proud, upright stance
The tree’s bent posture is observed at a glance
Perhaps like a painful human condition
A bad back causes the position
Despite whatever ailment may be
On many mornings the tree waves to me
Some mornings it may be still and quiet
Seemingly oblivious to all who pass by it
The tree does provide important information
A barometer of weather is its occupation

Latest in poetry


By Ann M Clinton








Roiling clouds of black, silver and gray
Curtained an already worrisome day
Electric streaks roamed the sky
Claps of thunder sounded nearby
Darkness descended taking the light
Obscuring the sun – day becoming night
Would stars and moon shine once more?
Would morning appear just as before?
Havoc reigned for several hours
Torrents of rain then turned to showers
As morning crept near
Soft blue skies did appear
Welcoming breezes gentle and sweet
Inviting robins the morning to greet
Encouraging flowers to stand straight and tall
A new day beginning for one and all.

Latest in poetry

Old, A Perspective
By Ann M. Clinton

I am old
How do I know?
Something told me so
Gray hair provides a hint
Reading often produces a squint
But do not worry
I cannot even scurry
A cane offers coordination
Walking requires concentration
Wonderful dreams fill my mind
Though the body is not so kind
Books, good friends, I am seeing
Sedentary a state of being
Old to some is just a word
That’s what they tell me
That’s what I’ve heard
So, is it so?
I’ll let you know!

Latest in poetry: A May Evening

By Ann M. Clinton

Nightfall just minutes away

Slipping sun ends the day

Shimmering stars marking time

Golden moon soon to shine

Evening breezes gentle and warm

Shadows rising and taking form

Buildings once light and bright

Wear differing faces come the night

Busy streets now quiet and calm

Springtime evenings a soothing balm

Latest in poetry: Spring things

By Ann Clinton

At last! Spring is here

A joyous time of year

Softening winds abound

Colorful flowers grace the ground

Blue skies brighten days

Complimening sun’s warm rays

Winter clothes packed away

Shorts and sweaters own the day

Rabbits and lambs furry guests

Robins poking out of their nests

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